SquireWeb Inc. is a website development company that specializes in custom website development.
We are located in Grimes Iowa, just outside of Des Moines.
Squire Hutcheson has been writing professional web applications since February of 2000, and programming since 1983. Prior to establishing SquireWeb, Inc., he was an IT Director of the North American branch of a worldwide industrial gas company. SquireWeb, Inc. is proud to offer small businesses the opportunity to cultivate the web presence they desire.
Custom Website Applications - We can create a completely custom website with database backing it allowing users to perform a wide variety of tasks.
Template Website Development - If after speaking with the client we determine they may be able to use a less expensive alternative for their website, such as wordpress, we can help them get online with that technogy instead.
Existing Website Assistance - Some people know how to maintain their own site, but may not know how to set one up or have a few issues they are stuck on. They dont want to hire a web company thinking the business will want to rebuild everything in their system. We can help with their difficulties on an existing site and let them keep doing what they know.
You can tell a lot about a company by listening to their clients. Here are some of the things Squire's clients have had to say about working with him.

My company went through a handful of other developers before we found SquireWeb, Inc. At first I was concerned with paying by the hour. But I soon found out that I did not have to worry with Squire. He was able to take my ideas and run with them. His ability to turn requirements into working code in a very short period of time has helped make our application a huge success. To say that I am impressed with his skills is an understatement. I would whole-heartedly recommend SquireWeb, Inc!

James Phillips, President of WorkSmartware

“Squire Hutcheson saved my business before it even started! My original web designer scammed me out of a couple thousand dollars by giving me only a homepage and it did not even work. I had scrimped and saved for years to start my business and I was heartbroken. Squire was referred to me and I decided to take another chance and I’m so glad I did! Where as the original so-called “web designer” had my project for months, did not complete it, and would not respond to my calls or e-mails, Squire finished in hours! HOURS! He always treats me with respect, takes the time to explain things to me since I do not speak “computerese,” works within my budget, gives me exactly what I want and suggests things I don’t even know I want! Squire is an integral part of my business and therefore my families’ future. I completely trust and recommend him wholeheartedly!”

Trisha Nagla, Owner of Kidz-Activitiez L.L.C.

“I opened a horse business a few years ago and always wanted to have my own website. I spoke with a few web designers and felt that what it was going to cost me to start a basic website, it would not be cost effective. Then I met Squire Hutcheson. He felt that he could build me a website that would work for [my] business. Even though Squire knew very little about the horse business, he listened to my needs and offered excellent ideas. He has been very professional during the building of my website.”

Nicole Butler, Owner of DeeZee Paints

“Squire’s work on our website has helped to make our company more accessible to our customers, and has given us an internet presence that we can be proud of. He is very good at listening to our ideas and making them come to life on our website.”

Melissa and Orlando Winters Owners of Odyssey Anime

Excellent problem solving is the key skill Squire brings to the table at every meeting with his clients. Take a look at how a couple of his clients worked through their business needs with Squire's help.

Case Study #1: aiashop.com

Client Situation
Adventures in Advertising (AiA) Central Iowa identified a need shared by a number of their clients: help administering their often cumbersom uniform programs. In response, they wanted to develop a custom website where their customers could easily and conveniently order, track and maintain records for these complex programs.

SquireWeb Solution
"Squire made our vision reality," says Mike Bisbee, owner of AiA Central Iowa. "He listened to what we needed, worked seamlessly with my staff, and brought aiashop to life." Squire's detailed programming knowledge and experience with building web applications allowed the company to build a more robust solution, in a fraction of the time, than they otherwise would have been able to put together with their existing staff.

Client Benefit
Now that aiashop is live, AiA's clients have a one-stop shop for their uniform program needs. They can build a custom catalog of products, order from the website 24/7, and maintain records for all of their employees. The website also provides a competitive edge for AiA, streamlines their business processes, and makes their clients very happy. "aiashop," continues Mike, "is an outstanding solution that our competition can't match!"

Case Study #2: saw-online.com

Client Situation
The Scrollsaw Association of the World (SAW), a world-wide association with over 700 active members and 26 local chapters, had two websites- one for the public and one for members. They also had a separate off-line membership database (developed by Squire several years earlier). There was no communication between the two sites and the membership database, making membership management an administrative headache and the websites overly complicated and requiring frequent manual maintenance.

SquireWeb Solution
SquireWeb was able to combine the two websites into one user-friendly site with convenient and efficient administrative tools, such as local chapter pages, a board of directors blog, and a newsletter publishing feature. The membership database was also tied in, reducing the duplication of effort in maintaining records and keeping the website up-to-date.

Client Benefit
"The transfer was completed within one month, with more user-friendly features than we ever thought possible. Needless to say we are well pleased with the service offered by SquireWeb, Inc.," says SAW's Lucille Brooke.